Salient Features

We make it easy for users to auto-respond with custom messages to @mentions and to any emails received to any cases owned by the user.

  • OOO auto replies will respond instantly to a Chatter post mentioning an out of office user.

  • One screen available to the user that list all the records to which OOO response was sent (Chatters and Emails).

  • OOO auto replies to the sender of incoming email to any case owned by the out of office user.

  • Allows the Administrators to set up the number of days after which the OOO chatterreplies are deleted, there by cleaning up the Feed area.

  • Users can easily manage their auto-response status and messages from the My User Profile screen, administrators can view other users OOO setup anytime.

  • RCan integrate the OOO Settings to your corporate email with less development effort.

Out Office Solution

Let our tool WORK for you in Salesforce during your absence from office …


Improves the productivity of users.

Improves the use of chatter among the Salesforce users.

Improves customer satisfaction.

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