We deliver customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and cloud consulting solutions to any business, big or small.

Salesforce Automation

Salesforce.com allows for powerful automation, making the processes you perform on a regular basis more streamlined. Elements such as the status of a contact in the sales pipeline, contact reminders, and more industry-specific tasks can be customized, then set to run on your schedule. This new level of efficiency drives sales like never before, ensuring that no one in your company is wasting time on unnecessary manual tasks.

We specialize in all aspects of Salesforce.com: from lead collection, to high-level opportunity management, to providing the tools to manage sales, marketing, and customer service activities. Our Salesforce Certified consultants can improve your CRM implementation and end-user adoption rates to maximize the usage of systems you have invested in. We also custom-tailor your current system so that the applications can be seamlessly integrated into your company’s daily workflow, for optimal performance.

Data Migration & Integration

When upgrading your database, or changing it entirely, proper data migration is crucial to your new system’s success. Although the information contained must be maintained, the format of this information must often change to be compatible with the new system. This task sounds simple enough, but when one considers the sheer volume of data in a system, as well as the extensive variety of source and target data structures, the goal of data consistency becomes a daunting one

Despite data’s segmented and diverse nature, we have the resources and expertise to help you consolidate all of your customer data in one easily accessible place, without compromising the integrity of your existing enterprise systems. We can integrate the data to give you a full 360-degree view of your customers and their relationship with your organization, and help you achieve tangible business results by unlocking the value of your customer information. Not only are we safely and efficiently transferring your data, but also reevaluating it for quality, using our years of firsthand knowledge.We can help you eliminate costly overruns from duplicate or inaccurate data, thus improving your operational efficiency and the ROI of your new system.

Custom Development

No longer do companies have to change the way they work to fit their CRM; now, your CRM system fits to your business. Salesforce provides developers with the flexibility to create custom applications, as well as integrations with a wide array of on-premise and cloud compatible applications. With a skilled developer, your system can be given limitless potential, performing tasks well outside of Salesforce’s standard range, and adapting your system to the needs of your unique business.

Ranging from Apex triggers and Visual Force pages, all the way to custom web applications, Lattice CRM provides custom development projects to allow your business to run effectively and efficiently. By adding complex functionality and integrating Salesforce with other applications, your system can be tailored to perform industry-specific functions with ease.


Though you may have a shiny, new CRM system, it is difficult for it to be a company asset when employees are unsure of how to use it. The entirety of the company must be comfortable using the system efficiently, consistently, and to the fullest in order for you to reap the system’s rewards.

We understand the importance of end-user training in maximizing system adoption rates. With more than 10 years of experience in delivering CRM solutions, we have the skills to provide training either in-person or over the web to all the end users. Once your system is up and running, we will customize the training based on how your organization will use the system. We have trained employees in a variety of fields, including healthcare, education, sales, technology, and more..

New Salesforce Implementations

If your company is considering moving to Salesforce or implementing Salesforce as your first CRM system, you need an experienced partner for the implementation. Our Salesforce Certified consultants will guide you through this implementation. After the implementation is complete, we thoroughly test your new system, and even offer training to help guide employees that are new to Salesforce.