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Is your Salesforce ORG using Email2Case and getting lot of SPAM emails? Have you thought of what will happen if you receive a Malware Email and one of your user clicks the URL within the email? We have thought of this problem and the EMAIL SPAM Blaster product is the solution to this problem from our Innovation Labs.

  • Built using the platform.

  • Option to delete the SPAM Emails after a specified time.

  • Administrators can set up the SPAM blocker to one or to multiple Salesforce Emails from the Setup screen.

  • Marks Email as SPAM that are marked as soft SPAM by the corporate Email server.

  • Automatically marks SPAM emails and moves into SPAM Queue.

  • Reports that help you analyze the SPAMs in detail.

Spam Email Blaster

Email2Case – NO SPAMs & NO Malwares …


Improves employee productivity.

Makes the Organization more efficient.

Reduces the chance of spreading Malware within the company.

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